FileTax is an online resource that offers extensive tax information.

FileTax is also the unofficial online presence for Complete Financial, a Tax and Financial Services firm based in San Francisco, California.


  • Tax preparation and planning for individuals and small businesses.
  • Finding the deductions that you deserve!
  • Trusts, Partnership, and Corporation returns.

  • Late-filer and non-filer tax returns:

    Tax headaches? Relax!
    While your tax issues may be a burden, you need not be alone. Few American accounting firms prepare more late-filer and non-filer tax returns than we do. We help taxpayers mend fences and regain peace of mind.

    Here's how we can help you.....

    Stop the Tax headaches! Call us: 

(415) 202-8555

You can talk to a real person during office hours (Pacific Standard Time).

  • Tax preparation for American expatriates and non resident taxpayers living in the US:
  • Our staff specialize in tax returns for American citizens living away from home. Check out our Expatriate Info Center!

    We also have many clients who moved to the US from other countries.  We are here to help you get oriented with the local tax system.  We also help you file the FBAR , Foregn Bank Account Report, if you meet its filing requirement.



  • FREE E-Filing with paid tax preparation.
  • Our computerized system handles the latest tax law changes.
  • Knowledgeable tax associates. Our associates are either Enrolled Agents or CTEC Registered Preparers.

FileTax - Home of no guilt, no attitude tax preparation.

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There are plenty of people in the tax business who make a terrific living by taking advantage of the fear and guilt of every-day taxpayers. If you have a tax problem and you feel guilty or afraid, pay a visit to Tax Hell.



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