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Providing care for elderly parents? Here's a source of help.

Elder Care
With an aging population, the need for elder care services is rapidly growing. And while your own estate plan may be in order, and you don't need routine assistance, you may be responsible for a parent or other relative who does. Our firm is available to provide many traditional services for your older relatives. We can also provide elder care services that go beyond the traditional, in areas that you might not expect.

Traditional Services

Among the traditional services we can provide:

Helping your older relative pay bills

Accounting for routine financial transactions

Monitoring investments 

Working with other professional advisors to help your relative design and implement an estate plan

Helping to make sure that wills, trusts, and insurance policies are properly coordinated and suitable for your relative’s needs.

Additional Services

If you are responsible for making health care or living arrangements for an elderly relative, especially over long distances, you may be interested in the additional elder care services we can provide. For example, we can:

Assist in monitoring the quality of the living arrangements provided for your relative, and compare those arrangements to standards that you have established. 

Help develop standards for your relative's care, recommend local care providers, and monitor the care as often as you request.

Assist a relative still living at home in arranging for in-home services, such as cooking, cleaning, and transportation, and make sure those services are provided in the manner you expect.

Here is a great place to take a on-line course, just for caregivers.

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