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Attention Franchise Owners

Outsource With Us. Let Us Be Your One-Stop-Shop,
Your External Comptroller.

Outsource with us, and we will do all of your accounting and financial advising functions for less than you are paying now. One franchise owner saved $6,000 per month by coming to us. We become like an external comptroller who knows you personally and cares about your success. With the thorough knowledge we can have of your company, we can offer what other accounting firms can't.

Do You Own Any of these Franchises that Our Nationwide Network Serves?

A Technological Breakthrough Satisfied Customers
Let Us Replace Five Separate Advisors Take a Page From Bill Gate's Book
Special Benefits to You

A Technological Breakthrough Developed With Our Help

Through Computerized Integration of Accounting and Financial Services, We Can Give You Comprehensive Advice. Our Software Interfaces From Beginning to End.

We have established a relationship with the country's foremost developer of accounting and financial services software. As a result, we have customized this software to the specific needs of franchise owners. In this age of swift technological change, we provide services and integrated up-to-theminute information never before possible. With access to this information we offer franchise owners an accurate, monthly, overall view of the full range of their businesses -- in detail. With this overview these owners benefit from our comprehensive advice.

Let Us Replace Five Separate Advisors

Instead of meeting with five different advisors, each having a niche of expertise in a particular, limited area, meet with us. With our integrated understanding of your franchise business, we can replace all five of them -- which means more efficiency and less cost for you. Instead of spending time with one specialist for business planning, one for accounting, one for payroll, one for retirement planning, and one for tax planning, let us handle it all. You will not waste your time.


    • We calculate your payroll, direct deposit your checks, pay your payroll taxes (guaranteeing no penalties), and prepare your year-end forms and W-2s. We then electronically transfer all this information to automatically generate financial statements and tax returns.
    • If you have multiple locations, we increase your efficiency even more. We have developed forms and procedures for a wide variety of franchises. Since we have established formats for your franchise business, we quickly duplicate these procedures for each franchise location and give consolidated totals.

    Special Benefits to You

    Technological Flexibility -- We Can Do Whatever You Want, Faster and for Less Money.

    Our software enables us to provide electronic data interface. For instance, we can connect to your time clock and automatically provide payroll information, profit sharing plan information, and financial information. We electronically transfer your data to our system in one step using only a few seconds.

    We'll accept your diskettes or our computer will call your computer.

    Reporting Periods

    We can produce daily, weekly, or monthly reports so you are always current.


    Why allow others in your company to discuss your profits and salary'? Our reputation depends on our maintaining the strictest confidentiality.

    Nationwide Capability

    If some of your franchises are in different states -- from New York to California, from Nebraska to Florida -- we understand the laws and regulations of those states. We are part of a nationwide network of accounting firms that use the same software. We can provide your company personal service in all 50 states.

    Compare Apples to Apples

    What if you have multiple locations? We quickly make a comparison of your location verses other locations in your county, state, and region. We compare franchises that have been in business for only one year with those that have been in business for two years, or five years. Locations that have been in business for five years have very different financial profiles from those that have just started. It is appropriate for a franchisee to compare what is comparable.

    Satisfied Customers

    "This is the best thing that has ever happened to my profits and it's great for stress reduction."

                Joel Stroback, Little Caesar's franchisee

    "The idea of merging my payroll processing with my retirement plan and my financial statements has really saved me time and money. I can't believe that my former accountant overlooked the merging of these procedures."

                J. Jones, Wendy's franchisee

    "When I saw this program, I had no choice but to fire my former CPA."

                Beth Fuller, Subway franchisee

    Take a Page From Bill Gate's Book

    Bill Gates's Microsoft has recently developed a product that integrates all the different office software functions -- word processing, spreadsheet, data processing -- into one whole, called Office. Companies have found this integrated package meets their needs better than individual functions that have limited capacity to communicate with each other. Now, according to Bill Gates, more than half of Microsoft's Business is the Office Package. If integration of functions works for the customers of Microsoft, why not let it work for you?

    You can make payments or retainer by most major credit cards.


This material is provided for general and educational purposes only, and is not intended to provide legal, tax or investment advice. Individuals who wish to invest in retirement plans should contact their tax and financial advisors regarding their specific legal or tax situation.


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