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Here is a special organizer for all interline staff -- Download and print it on your computer.  This download will be a PDF file. If you are using Netscape 3.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0, please check your network preferences so you can see what's going on here.   

Get Acrobat Reader At Filetax, we have chosen a PDF format for all the forms available from or through our site.  If you do not know how to use PDF forms or have trouble configuring your browser, check our PDF help page.  If you want the organizer as a email attachment, let us know. Want to get your organizer kit by snail mail? Just send us your name, address and phone number. A complete selection of FileTax Organizers are available for download. The Flightcrew organizer has the most complete checklist and best price for interline employees.

What's so good about the organizer?  Every deduction we have ever taken on a flight crew tax return has been recorded. Then we compared our list against other checklists in the tax preparation business. Next we added a simple way for you tell us where you flew and how many times. The result is our time saving Flightcrew organizer, and it is available FREE. If you want to see what average deductions are look at our special report.

We want to do your return!  1-800-Filetax will prepare your individual federal income tax return and one state for a fly by rate of only $150.  Each additional state is $50.  your satisfaction is guaranteed. There are some rules and blackout periods. You must use our organizer, you must prepay the fee or authorize payment by credit card, there is no in-person or telephone interview. Delivery is by Priority Mail. We reserve the right to put you on extension if your data arrives in our office after March 15. 

If we can not save you money by itemizing your deductions, we will do your return for $50, postage paid. The fee includes all the income and expense information printed on the Organizer. Of course, if we need clarification or more information to get an accurate return, we will call you, no additional charge. If your return needs or would benefit from more work, we will tell you the cost and get your permission. Want to compare your deductions to other returns in the United States.

 If your job is on the ground or you are retired, our special rate and service guarantee still applies. There are some rules and a blackout period. Our form must be used, work must be mailed to us, (you can fax it but it's a lot of work), the fee must be prepaid or include a credit card authorization. If we get the information after March 15, we reserve the right to put you on extension. Extension returns will be done after April twenty fifth. 

I have completed the organizer. What do I do next?  Mail 1-800-FileTax your completed organizer, W-2's, 1099 Forms, airline report and any related documents. We will do your tax return, within five days of receipt, for a fixed fee Fly By rate of $150 federal return and one state. Items or schedules not on the organizer are additional. We will call you with fee information and authorization. Consultation by phone is available for $90 per hour. 

Haven't filed for a while? Forgot a state? Want to amend any returns you filed or finish payments for an old return or an audit in the last three years and get a better refund? Complete one organizer for each year you want to amend. Attach a copy of your original return and send it to us. Your amended return will be prepared for the same low fee. That's one of the best values in the industry. Not sure if it's worth the time and money to amend? Check our special interline offer. The five day response time does not apply to amended returns and a blackout may be imposed. All amended return refunds pay interest! 

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