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It is less expensive to have your payrolls prepared by an outside service. An outside service can reduce the possibility of employees getting competitive information about what the other employees or the owner are making. An outside service can offer value added services for much less than it would cost you internally. Examples are Direct Deposit (like the big guys, where the check magically appears in your employee's checking or savings accounts), 401(K) and section 125 plans, child care plans, child care payments and more.

The big firms call this outsourcing. Small firms call it, payroll without penalties. We offer the following at competitive rates:

  • payroll calculation, check printing
  • signing and mailing service
  • 401(K) and Section 125 (cafeteria) plans
  • Payroll deduction IRA's (a service offered in conjuction with a mutual fund custodian, it untilizes pre-authorized electronic fund transfers. This service is typically provided at no cost to the employer. Spread the word!)
  • levy and court orders calculated and paid
  • employee allotments
  • union dues
  • spousal and alimony deduction and payments
  • direct deposit
  • authorized deductions
  • vacation & sick pay accounting
  • Payroll Tax Returns
  • 940 (annual)
  • 941 (quarterly)
  • All states (as needed)
  • Local taxes as required
  • new hire - return to work reports
  • nanny taxes
  • W-2 filing
  • impound and tax payments
  • checks on your account, bank check or our checks
  • customized management reports for your business
  • worker compensation reporting
  • job costing and union reports are available.
  • delivery across town, across the country
  • Here is what we don't give you:

  • A bill for setting up your payroll
  • A bill for printing your checks
  • A bill for basic maintenance and quarterly reports
  • A bill for termination checks
  • A bill for adding, reinstatement or terminating and employee
  • A bill for printing your W-2's
  • A telephone bill for voice or fax calls

    We are here to help you with your payroll accounting needs. Need something else?
    If your company writes fifty or more checks the cost is just .60 cents per check.

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