Donate your glasses. You get a tax deduction, and someone in the world gets to see the world in focus again.

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    Late On Taxes? Tax Headaches? Relax!

    Our tax professionals have extensive experience helping clients with late taxes. Payment plans can be setup and offers in Compromise can be prepared , without you having to talk to government officers. If you need help with a levy or a lien, that's part of what we do.

    We can also help with lingering state tax matters that you might have. You can rely on complete confidentiality, compassion, skills and competitive fees. Financial planning and tax planning are also available.

    Don't wait for the bank or payroll levy. Act now to get you tax trouble under control. To government officers, you are just numbers. They want your money. They know how to find your money, and they will. When you take action before they do, you take control. Confused about what actions and directions to take? Contact us today! We will do the driving. And we are good at it.

    Please call us: 415 202-8555. You can talk to a real person during office hours (Pacific Standard Time).
    Or write to

    If you are still at a stage that your are just researching information, you can learn more about non-filers and filing delinquent tax returns.

    Need a tax extension or wonder how they work?

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