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Data Organizers Available for Download

Download these income tax worksheets and organizers to maximize your deductions and minimize errors and omissions. The source information that is required for each tax return is unique. Therefore we also have specialized worksheets to meet your specific needs. All the documents on this page are in PDF format. This is the download format used by most tax sites.

If you do not have a PDF helper application installed on your machine, you can download a free licensed version.

General Topics

A Simple Worksheet

A more detailed "Deduction Finder"

Occupation Specific

Firefighter (good also for police officer and security officer), Airline employees (note: we no longer have the 800 phone and fax numbers)

Specialized Worksheets

Property basis worksheet, IRA basis worksheet, and interest expenses worksheet.

General Forms and Worksheets  

Each of these packets contain selected forms for you to use in organizing your data for one or more years. You can download and print one set of forms for each year you need. Write the year the blank box on the top left. This will help you keep your data by year together. While income tax law has changed over the years, these forms will collect most of the information required.

organizer.pdf (coming soon)
These forms can be used for most past years. The download file contains, client information, dependent information, important tax questions, itemized deduction information, engagement letter, firm disclosure.

This downloadable file contains worksheets for, wages and pensions, IRA distributions, interest and dividends, Miscellaneous income (tax refunds, social security, unemployment, other income).  Don't forget to attach W-2's and 1099 forms to you worksheets.

This file contains worksheets for self employed business, employee business expenses and office in home.

This file contains worksheets for rental and royalty income and capital gain worksheets.

These forms will be required if you have income earned outside of the United States. It contains, general information, bona fide residence test, physical presence test, foreign housing expenses, days in the United States, travel abroad, foreign wages, foreign allowances, prior year information.

This file contains worksheets for dependent care, household employment and non-cash contributions over $500 per recipient.

These forms are special worksheets  

This form is a worksheet to keep track of the improvements to your home. This is a good way to organize your information about the cost of your home. There are a number different home improvement subjects to help you reconstruct the cost of your home, if you did not keep your records up-to-date.

This form contains a worksheet to keep track of the improvements to your home. This is a good way to organize your information about the cost of your home. There are a number different home improvement subjects to help you reconstruct the cost of your home, if you did not keep your records up-to-date.

FileTax Tip: At FileTax we think you should continue to keep this information. Do not assume the tax law will not change again. Keeping this record up to date each year takes less than 30 minutes per year.

FileTax Tip: In our home records we label a large file or envelope "HOME". Inside this record is the bills for home improvements and the master record. This has saved us thousands of current and deferred tax dollars.

FileTax Tip: This records system works so well, we use it for our vacation and rental property.

This form is used to keep track of current and past carryover records. Use it to record your IRA basis.

FileTax Tip: Take your old return and enter the nondeductible contributions before you trash the old tax returns. You are going to need this information in the future. Use this form to keep track of amortization of things like, points, bond premiums and discounts, organization and start up costs. Charitable contributions made but not deducted carry forward. Keep track of unused contributions for future use. Keep a copy of the deferred gain and a copy of your 2119 form for past gain deferrals on your residence. This is still important and you will use this information when you sell your home.

Interests worksheet.pdf

This form is used to keep a record of the allocation of interest expense. This form is used to track interest charges from one or more loan sources to different types of deductable and non-deductable. FileTax Tip, if you are borrowing money and using those borrowed funds for mixed use, personal, investment, trade or business or passive activities, you can need to do this worksheet.

This material is provided for general and educational purposes only, and is not intended to provide legal, tax or investment advice. Individuals who wish to invest in retirement plans should contact their tax and financial advisors regarding their specific legal or tax situation.

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